Substackr - website template for Substack newsletters

Substackr is a Framer website template for Substack newsletters. Convert more visitors into subscribers, collect subscriptions straight into your Substack list, and sell digital products to your audience. Substackr is a multi-purpose website template that helps Substack creators grow and monetize their audience.

The template includes 6 pages:

  • Landing page 1

  • Landing page 2

  • Products (CMS)

  • Product detail page

  • 404 page

  • Template marketing page

In addition to the template, you will also get:

  • Template tutorial series ($39 value) - we will teach you everything you need to know to customize this template to match your newsletter style.

What makes it unique:

  • Direct integration integration with Substack - we will use Substack forms to directly add new subscribers to your list. You will not have to use any third-party tools or add users manually.

  • The power of a newsletter & digital store in one - this template allows you to gain more subscribers to your newsletter and monetize through digital products.

  • Powerful CMS & Lemonsqueezy integration- you will be able to add and sell your digital products thanks to an easy-to-use CMS. Lemonsqueezy integration will help you sell products without taking users off your site.

  • Fully customizable and responsive - the template is customizable to your liking and responsive for all screen sizes.

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