Crypt - Framer mobile app template


Crypt is a Framer template for mobile app. With this modern website, you can showcase your apps features and convert more visitors into customers.

The template includes 6 unique pages:

  • Homepage

  • About Us

  • Pricing

  • Contact Us

  • Blog (CMS)

  • 404 page

Custom CMS for blog posts. With this template, publishing blog posts is a breeze. Simply write your post and fill out the required fields. The blogs page will automatically feature the latest post.

Easily insert your app screens. The phone mockups are set up in a way where you just need to replace the app screenshots with the screens from your app. And because we use components, all the instances of the mobile screens will update automatically.

Custom Contact us forms. We built out custom Contact us forms to gather all the info required. Use all the fields or pick and choose as needed.

Annual and Monthly Pricing. The template give you flexibility to include both monthly and annual subscription plans.

Fully responsive. The template is fully responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It also includes a hamburger menu for mobile devices.

Beautiful animations & effects. Enjoy beautiful animations that move the elements of the page on page load, on a scroll, and on hover.

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